Bus Accident Claims Are Complex. Make Sure You Have Experienced Lawyers on Your Side.

Accidents involving buses are not as straightforward as the typical car accident. There are a number of additional issues to consider depending on what type of bus was involved and the injuries suffered. Dealing with the company that owns the bus, and its insurance carrier, is not always straightforward, and it can be easy to accept a settlement offer that is not enough to fully compensate you for your short-term and long-term expenses.

At Hendrickson & Edelstein, Attorneys at Law, we have the experience to effectively pursue the compensation that our clients need following bus accidents in New Jersey. We will fully investigate the accident in order to prove fault, determine the extent of any injuries that have been suffered and outline the damages.

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30 Years of Personal Injury Experience

Our firm is equipped to handle personal injury and auto accident claims involving:

  • A motorist injured in a collision with a bus
  • A bus passenger who has been injured in a collision with another vehicle
  • A bus driver who needs to file for workers' compensation
  • A pedestrian who has been run over by a bus
  • A person who has fallen while waiting at a bus stop or riding on a bus

These accidents may involve a city bus, school bus, commercial coach, airport shuttle or any other type of commercial bus in Lakewood, Barnegat or the surrounding communities of New Jersey. We will deal with the insurance companies on your behalf and protect your rights throughout the process.

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