Are You the Victim of a Surgical Error?

There are always some risks that the doctor or surgeon should have advised the patient of prior to performing a surgery. Whether a minor outpatient surgery or major surgery such as open-heart surgery or brain surgery, the risks should be explained. Even when risks are explained to a patient, that does not mean negligent action by the doctor, nurse or staff at the performing hospital should be ignored. When a surgery is performed before the accepted standards of care for that specific operation, a medical malpractice claim can be pursued.

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Types of Surgical Errors

This can be a complex and difficult area of the law as medical experts will need to be obtained and often medical records examined. That is where our experience comes in. You can rest assured that our seasoned attorneys will provide you with the thorough medical negligence counsel you have been looking for to get results when a surgical error has changed your life.

There are all types of errors that can happen before, during and after a surgery, some of them include:

  • Unnecessary surgeries
  • Wrong body part receiving surgery
  • Leaving foreign objects inside patient (sponges, towels, etc.)
  • Mistakes with anesthesia
  • Failure to monitor patient post-surgery
  • Failure to inform patient of risks
  • Improper preparation/sanitary procedures
  • Improper use of surgical tools

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