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When it comes to successfully seeking compensation after an accident or injury, the experience of your attorney cannot be stressed enough. Only an experienced personal injury attorney can truly provide you with the thorough, knowledgeable and dedicated counsel you are looking for when it comes to holding negligent parties accountable.

At Hendrickson & Edelstein, Attorneys at Law, we can say that we have that experience. Each of the attorneys at our Lakewood and Barnegat, New Jersey, law firm has more than 35 years of experience. Our seasoned team of personal injury accident lawyers is more than capable of effective negotiation and solid trial representation.

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From car accidents to 18-wheeler semi crashes, we help with all types of auto accidents. Our lawyers will seek maximum compensation on your behalf. This can include both past and future medical expenses, loss of wages due to not being able to work, loss of earning capacity, as well as any pain and suffering. In some situations, emotional damages can be pursued.

Helping Victims in All Types of Accidents

We recognize that every accident case is unique and has its own set of individual circumstances. The type of accident you were involved in, can be the same as another type of accident but still be very different once the facts are examined. That is why we provide customized personal injury counsel to each of our clients.

Just some of the types of auto accidents we help pursue damages for include:

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