Your Right to Medical Treatment and Lost Wages After a Job Injury

Workers' compensation benefits are designed to pay for medical treatment and to replace a portion of the worker's wages as the result of an injury. Typically, these benefits are based upon the injured worker's average weekly wage. How that average is determined is not always straightforward, and it is important for your attorney to fight for an average weekly wage that accurately reflects your earnings.

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Compensation for Your Lost Wages

When receiving benefits for medical treatment, it is important to make sure that your injuries are accurately depicted and that the compensation you receive is enough to pay for the care that you need. Some injuries may not appear serious at first, but the decision to delay a visit to the doctor could prevent you from getting all of the benefits to which you should be entitled.

Likewise, when you are receiving wage payments, it is important that all compensation is accurately noted. Commissions and overtime, for example, are often overlooked when calculating average weekly wages.

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