Getting Workers' Compensation After a Job Injury

When a worker is injured on the job, there is likely to be a great deal of concern regarding medical treatment, paying bills, receiving wages and getting back on the job. Workers' compensation is designed to help people who have been injured on the job, but it takes the assistance of an experienced lawyer to obtain the benefits they are entitled to.

Job Accident Claim in New Jersey?

At the law firm of Hendrickson & Edelstein, Attorneys at Law, in Lakewood and Barnegat, we handle workers' compensation matters for people who have been injured on the job in Ocean County, Monmouth County and the surrounding communities of New Jersey. Each of our lawyers has more than 35 years of experience, and in that time, they have helped thousands of workers protect their rights in the process.

If you have suffered a work-related injury from a machine accident or repetitive stress, contact us to learn more information. If you are not receiving the benefits that you need, call us at 732-523-0829 or 609-435-3421.

How Our Firm Can Help

There are many instances where a lawyer can be of assistance in a workers' compensation claim. Our firm can work to get claims admitted by insurance carriers so that benefits are received in a timely manner; ensure that clients receive the correct amount of wage loss benefits; assist in getting recommended medical treatment; and help them receive disability awards.

If you are receiving collection notices from clinics and medical bills that you cannot pay and you need workers' compensation benefits, seek experienced legal representation. Insurance companies are not on your side and are often working against the best interests of injured workers. Make sure there is a dedicated law firm on your side.

Learn More About Your Right to Workers' Compensation

For more information regarding workers' compensation benefits in New Jersey, contact us at Hendrickson & Edelstein, Attorneys at Law. There is no fee without a recovery, and we offer free consultations. Call us at 732-523-0829 or 609-435-3421 for an appointment.