Medication Errors Can Be Deadly

One of the most common and deadly errors that can happen within medical malpractice is a medication error. Within an instant the wrong dosage or wrong prescription can cause catastrophic and deadly consequences, especially if the victim is a child or elderly person. If you believe you have a medication error claim in the Lakewood or Barnegat, New Jersey, area, seek medical malpractice counsel from a seasoned team of attorneys.

At Hendrickson & Edelstein, Attorneys at Law, we help victims of medical malpractice such as medication errors in Ocean County, Monmouth County and throughout New Jersey. Based in Lakewood and Barnegat, each of our attorneys has more than three decades of experience in personal injury. With our knowledge, skill and compassion, we will help you seek full compensation for damages suffered.

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Wrong Medication and Other Medication Errors

From the time your doctor writes you a prescription or orders the nurse to obtain a medication, to the time it is filled at a retail or hospital pharmacy and then provided for you, there can be many mistakes along the way. From the wrong medication written altogether to the wrong dosage, just one mistake can be fatal.

We will help you seek damages for your medication error claim by seeking full and fair compensation from all negligent parties. Types of medication error cases can involve:

  • Wrong medication
  • Wrong prescription filled
  • Wrong prescription given to patient
  • Improper or wrong dosage written
  • Improper or wrong dosage filled
  • Failure to properly inform patient of side effects
  • Failure to look for drug interactions or obtain patient medication history
  • Negligent administration of a drug

Learn More About Your Legal Rights

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